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Yep! it’s barley water and it’s a cold drink ..Brrrr !!

I know !! what the hell am I doing?? it’s winter here and it’s bloody cold !!

 Sorry.. but I am suffering from a season confusion syndrome, which I can’t get over !! I have been living in Australia for years now, and still winter in July just DOESN’T make any sense to me!

Anyway, as a result of feeling extremely jealous of people living on the other side of the world, especially those posting photos of themselves while enjoying frosty summer beverages,errrg! I decided to make this icy, cold, fizzy and hydrating drink and torture myself drinking it in winter, with my eyes closed and pretending I am sitting on the beach and having a sun tan.

Ah! can’t wait !!

So Barley looks very similar to wheat, maybe a little paler !! it’s an ancient grain and is very nutritious.. it has a delicious nutty flavour.. barley comes in a couple of forms: hulled is one which is produced by removing the outer fibrous layer, but can be challenging to find.

Pearl barley is a second form, which is the one I am using, and the only one I have tried myself to be honest.. it’s hulled as well, with the bran removed and the grain polished. They say it’s slightly less nutritious than unpolished ones, but it’s more common, less chewy and faster to cook.

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 Benefits of Barley

  • Packed with beta-glucan soluble fibre, as a result its linked to a reduced risk of heart diseases.
  •  Good source of selenium, phosphorous, copper,iron and manganese helping in cell repair, and reducing inflammation for those suffering from inflammatory diseases.
  •  Contains insoluble fibre, which is good to maintain a healthy digestive system and reduces risks of colon cancers.

Benefits of Barley water

  •  It is an ancient home remedy used to cure coughs, colds, stomach upset and more, also believed to be a remedy for reducing the signs of aging .. Cool ! this drink is very beneficial for pregnant and breastfeeding women too ..  it’s packed with nutrients, helps increase lactation, regulates digestion for both mum and baby, and much more “wish I knew that earlier!”
  • It also helps restore fluids and electrolyte balance in your body, making it a perfect drink for those who are fasting Ramadan in the hot summery half of this planet.

* Adding lemon and natural honey to barley water, could possibly make it a powerful Detoxing drink.

You could change it slightly by adding mint instead of thyme

‘for me, it’s never a bad time for thyme, haha.. I just love it’

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fresh thyme from the garden


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Barley water with lemon
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  1. Half a cup Pearl barley
  2. 2 lemons zest and juices.
  3. 2 tablespoons of organic natural honey
  4. 2 sprigs of fresh thyme leaves (you could use Mint leaves)
  5. fresh rosemary leaves and blossoms to garnish
  6. Extra slices of lemon to serve.
  7. a splash of sparkling water on serving.(optional)
  1. rinse Barley in a sieve under cold running water until water runs clear.
  2. use a peeler to remove the lemon zest , then juice the lemons and keep a side.
  3. now, put the barley, lemon zest and 6 cups of water in a saucepan and bring to boil, then reduce heat, and simmer for 10 mins.
  4. strain, discard the barley and zest ( or discard only the zest and boil barley for a further 20 mins, then add it to your salad or use it as a rice alternative.
  5. add the honey and thyme leaves to the barley liquid and stir to dissolve honey,then stir through the lemon juice.
  6. pour barley water in a bottle, seal and chill in fridge overnight.
  7. serve with lemon slices, ice, rosemary blossoms (optional) and a splash of sparkling water.
  8. * This drink tastes like a cold sweet lemon juice with a thyme flavour , but it's really much more than just a lemon juice .. Enjoy!