Lying in bed late at night checking my emails with my eyes half opened .. when all of a sudden I sit up with both eyes wide open again .. going: Oh gosh!! an award for my blog?! is this for real ? I have been nominated? saying to myself: ok take a deeeep breath Yossra .. let’s read this again before you get too excited .. [reading twice.. three times..] ok Mr. Google, I need you right now!! [typing..] what is a Liebster award ??? [loading.. loading …] slow internet? No .. please not now! [page opening ..] ok here we go … so my friend Google says: the word “liebster” has German origins meaning: dearest, beloved, valued, nicest or pleasant [scrolling down ..] this award exists only on the internet, given by bloggers to other new bloggers to recognize their work and welcome them to the blogosphere basically saying, YOU ROCK !!

A big fat YAY!!

I am honoured ! This is the first award given to my brand new blog. I would like to thank the lovely blogger who nominated me Krystallia, the author of my cooking secrets. I highly recommend you click this link and check her out!

So here you go .. my interview questions and answers:

1. What was the initial to choose your blog’s name/title

Well, I wanted my blog name to describe my passion for food, photography and gardening. It took me a while to decide on one, but I finally did and I love it.
2. What is your recent and upcoming blog project?

This is my first announcement .. I am working on a new website design and a logo… eeeep !!

I started off with a popular WordPress theme recommended by a couple of experienced bloggers as being the easiest and best one for new food bloggers, and it actually is. It has worked perfectly for me as I was (and still consider myself ) technically naïve.. the only down thing about choosing a fixed designer’s theme “in my opinion” is that the blog would look exactly like the demo and  so many other blogs around. I figured out that you can only customize it that much, and it would still look very similar to the actual theme, so that’s why I have recently called out for professional help to redesign my website using a different platform and make it look more like me .. gotta tell you, these guys know what they’re doing .. a lot of work is happening behind the scenes as we speak, and I can’t wait!!
3. How would you describe your relationship with food?  Name one of your favourite and one dish you dislike the most.

Emm! where do I start from ? I would describe my relationship with food as a fun, happy and healthy one. I am a passionate lover of anything related to food, I sometimes consider my life revolving around food. If I’m not cooking it, I would be eating it, buying it, taking pictures of it, reading about it, or masterminding a concept for a new recipe. I get so excited and inspired just by walking in a grocery store.. totally obsessed!

I love wholesome food, I cook and eat mostly healthy and by healthy I mean balanced, colorful flavorful and delicious meals, but I do have my  naughty treats like every one else, which I still enjoy and never felt bad about eating ‘every now and then’.

Very tough to choose one favourite dish but I have a soft spot for pasta, eating it makes me feel comfortable, loved and happy..  My favourite cuisines are middle eastern and Mediterranean, where my roots come from. But trust me I love to try all different sort of food. No dislikes sorry !! but I can tell you one thing about me I don’t eat pork, never tried it, but to be honest it’s probably the only food that doesn’t look very appealing to me for some reason. No offense !
4. Name 2 books or magazines you recently read.

‘Nigella Express’ cook book and ‘Better homes and gardens’ magazine
5. What makes you laugh?

Watching some one fall in a funny way.. how bad is that ? Saying that, Only a few days ago I fell twisting my ankle badly and all I could remember straight after falling is that I cracked up laughing at my self even though my ankle was on fire !! I was jumping on a trampoline .. Can’t say anymore!!
6. Countryside or city living?

Country side for sure. My dream is to live on a farm and grow my own food. Cannot see it happening anytime soon though.
7. Describe a joyful moment of your life.

So many, but holding my first baby in my arms was a pretty special and joyful moment for me, an overwhelming and indescribable one I should say. A moment of mixed emotions .. shock, love, joy, pride and fear. In short, being a mother is the best feeling ever!

8. Do you feel creative?

I do. I believe creativity is running in my family, my mum was and still extremely talented and creative, and my sister is a fashion designer.
9. Fashionista or fasionista free?

I am my own fashionista I believe, and by that I mean I love wearing what suits me the best whether in fashion or not doesn’t bother me. A lot of people say that I have my own unique style. I never buy a brandy top just for the name, I might buy it for the quality but it has to suit me and my body shape. I love comfy clothes in general, so I’m not too heavy on high heels, in fact I sometimes make a scene when I wear them plus I have to have a normal pair of shoes in the car just in case I twist my ankle in them. So you would probably see me more in my gym clothes and runners, but I do have my moments when I feel like dressing up a bit. So answering your question emmm .. I’m not too sure now! am I a fashionista?
10. Pick one of the social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest? Why did you focus on that, is it your favourite platform?

Facebook. I have confessed before that I am technically naïve, and Facebook is the first social media platform I’ve ever used, I am getting used to the others slowly. I will get there soon!

leibster award

I nominate the following for the liebster award:

  1. heuristic kitchen
  2. the lebanese plate

My questions for my nominees are:

  1. What does your blog mean to you?
  2. Is blogging your full time job? if not, would you give up your job for blogging?
  3. What’s your biggest challenge these days?
  4. What talents do you think your fortunate to have?
  5. Do you have time to read other blogs? if yes mention two of your favourites.
  6. Do you consider yourself an organized person? why?
  7. Chocolate or vanilla ?
  8. How do you recharge your batteries, in other words how do you like to relax?
  9. What is the best decision you have ever made?
  10. Who would be your role model in life?

The liebster rules: read more about the Liebster award here

  1. Once nominated, make a post thanking and linking the lovely person who nominated you.
  2. Include the Liebster Award sticker (like the one above) in your post.
  3. Nominate other new blogger with less than two – hundred followers who you think are worthy of this award & let them know they have been nominated. (p.s. you may nominate the person who nominated you.)
  4. Answer the questions asked by the person who nominated you and then make ten questions of your own for your nominees.
  5. List the rules in your post (copy & paste).