last weekend Delicious Magazine Australia ‘my favourite’ partnered for the first time with Lime and Tonic to hold an exclusive master class hosted by two of Australia’s most talented pastry chefs. The inspiring Christopher The, creator of Black star pastry in Sydney, and the beautiful soul Christy Tania, Head chef at Om Nom Kitchen in Melbourne.

I was lucky enough to be part of this master class, I struggled to sleep the night before from how excited I was! To work with these two amazing chefs in the same kitchen was such a delightful and exciting experience for me, and so i thought it was a good idea to share it here with you.

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So first, We started off with a refreshing welcome drink at the reception, and then we headed off to the kitchen where Christy was there getting her pastry ingredients ready for the Choux pastry demo ..

I grabbed a seat in the first row and all I could see is Christy, butter, sugar, flour and a gorgeous white Kitchen Aid sitting comfortably on the bench .. I knew straight away that we were in for a serious treat and I couldn’t stop my belly from rumbling!

Christy started the class by introducing herself ‘as if ‘any of the guests didn’t know her already! telling us all about how she decided to change her career a few years ago from working as a Project Manager for IBM ‘boring‘ she said, to becoming a Pastry Chef.

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Her story was really inspiring to me, I could sooo relate to it. Close to the end of this class and while the Chaux pastry was baking in the oven, I had a one-on-one conversation with Christy regarding my profession as a pharmacist and my passion for cooking and photography, I confessed to her about how I’ve recently been leaning towards following my passion, and that it’s slowly taking over my profession because it feels like the right thing to continue doing. I also told her that I’m still very hesitant though.

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She gave me good advice based on her own experiences and this ‘in short’ was: ‘ following my passion and succeeding as a chef was tough and still is, you have to remember one thing and that is, you start out in hospitality because it is a passion, but you only stay in it because you are stubborn! so if you’re really up to it, you have to stay stubborn no matter what ‘

I will keep this in mind. Thanks Christy .. and ohh! your Chaux pastries were Delish !!

I can’t wait to visit Om Nom next time I’m in Melbourne and try her  stunning ‘Mont Blanc’ .. apparently it’s a big deal there!

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IMG_7766 (800x533)Then comes the second part of the class with Chris.What an amazingly talented pastry Chef he is … and again,watching this talented man rubbing gorgeous smooth butter into flour with his fingertips, i knew i was in heaven and i could not wait for this pastry to cook in the oven. The minute he started the demo I could tell he had done this trillions of times before .. the confidence, the little tricks and advice he was giving away, all explain how experienced he really is.

IMG_7778 (533x800)So the first recipe was a Flaky Gallette with seasonal fruit, he used gorgeous top quality apricot and pink lady apples.. here is how he makes his pastry, he uses:

400g plain flour

300g unsalted butter

2g fine table salt

100g cold water



IMG_7799 (800x660)

IMG_7801 (800x533)

IMG_7803 (800x533)

IMG_7805 (800x533) (2)After the flour and butter are combined, he brings the dough together using a pastry cutter to form a neat square shaped dough, he then wraps it tightly in cling wrap and puts it in the fridge for about emm.. I think he said one hour ..

IMG_7808 (800x533)

Now preparing the fruit, rolling out the dough and assembling the Gallete ..

IMG_7810 (800x533)

IMG_7817 (533x800)

IMG_7818 (800x533)

 IMG_7835 (533x800)


I was standing right next to the oven and i couldn’t resist capturing this photo .. it smelt amazing too!

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We had a quick break and indulged ourselves with some of the Black Star Pastry specialities .. and this was our treat tray .. of course they were all gone in few seconds!

IMG_7770 (800x533)

Chris’s second recipe was his bespoke ‘Delicious cake’ which was designed especially for Delicious magazine’s 10th anniversary edition. He demonstrated how to make a perfect Italian meringue and each one of us had a go at constructing a miniature version of his cake .. that was fun!

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 Hope you guys enjoyed my master class review. A big thank you to Delicious magazine and Lime and Tonic for organizing such a wonderful day.

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