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Did this just happen ?? did I just meet her ? face to face ? god she’s beauuuutiful!!!! these were the words going through my mind straight after I talked to Nigella Lawson while she was signing my copy of Simply Nigella.

Ok, let me tell you the story first .. I knew Nigella Lawson was coming to Australia sometime in January, so I checked her website only few weeks ago,and it listed all her events in sydney,unfortunately tickets for all the events were sold out! except one event which was “Breakfast with Nigella” hosted by Business Chicks. I booked my ticket online straightaway but then when refreshing the page after my booking was complete, a sold out sign appeared on the event!! Yes, apparently mine was the last ticket ..phew!

So, I start counting down the sleeps until finally the event is tomorrow morning, andI cannot sleep from the excitement!! On the 22nd of January 2016, at 7 am sharp,I park at the Westin Hotel in the cityand hereI go, getting out of the car,dressed up (a little) with a bit ofmakeup,walking in my high heels (not an expert), and trying to figure out where the bloody lifts to the hotel are!! u know..every thing seems like a trouble whenI’m inhigh heels, especially if it’s too early in the morning..Anyway,I find the lifts, I enter the lobby and omg!! over 500 people inhere, and they are all walking towardsthe escalators (btw these were like thelongest escalators in the world!) going downstairs to the hall, I put one foot on the first step of the escalators andall of a suddenthey decide to stop!I was still at the top, and everyone starts to walk down the escalators andsoI follow, thinking ‘ I could barely balance walking on a flat surfacein these heels, now I have to walk down like a 100 steps?!!’I manage to reach the hall safe and sound!

(I wasn’t expecting much with the seating to be honest. Seriously, my ticket was probably the last ticket to be sold and soI was expecting tobe sitting next to the speakers at the end of the hall and probably in a corner by myself, and I still would have been so happy with that)

Ok, entering the ball room now, Iget my table number and surprisingly it’s No. 4 !! i’m thinking .. that sounds like a good spot ?!and sure it was … right next to the stage and only2 tables away from Nigella’s table .. BINGO! How lucky?!

Now, Nigella is on stageshining like a star,and I hear some squealing sounds around me, apparentlythere are many others as obsessed with Nigella as myself or even more, becauseI’m not squealing, I’m only fangirling from the inside!

So, first she talks about her new book ‘Simply Nigella’ and how it’s all about simplicity and enjoying good food. Then, sheanswersNatarsha’s question about the term ‘clean eating’stressing on the point that sheis disgusted bythe contemporary mantra of ‘clean eating’, because she believes that food is not dirty, and that we cannot control our lives by what we eat, but how we cook and, indeed, how we eat does give us -as much as anything can- mastery over ourselves.

She also gives some great advice,based on her own experiences,one of them was on how to learn from failure.

She says: ‘failure is an essential portal to success’. ‘a round of applause’

It’s time now for signing books, and here I am, standing in the beginning of the line to get her autograph.

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Natarsha Belling, one of the most recognised presenters on Australian television was hosting the event.

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One second! have I ever mentioned that I am totally obsessed with this lady??I have watched most ofher episodes and I have all her books sitting comfortably on my library shelf,the most recent one is Simply Nigella and that’s the one i got signed by her.Reading her books and watching her on TV cooking in her ownkitchen, makes me (and I’m sure many others) feel likeI know her personally so well,and even though it’s obviously a’love from one side’ kinda thing,but I’m ok with our relationship staying the way it isforever! LOL

The reason why I really admire her, is that she’s real, and by that I mean she’s honest, she knows her strengths and her flaws andtalks about them openly withoutshowing off or feeling ashamed. She’s never seen herself as someone important and believe me it reallyshowswhen it’s coming from the heart. For me,she’s not only a chef who cooks great food, she’s also a great writer and, believe it or not, a life coach. She inspired me to start my blog and write aboutwhat I love (food), I thoroughlyenjoyreading her books becauseshe talks from the heartand tells a story through her cooking, andthat’s whyInever ever feel like skipping any of her writing tojump straightto the recipe, likeI sometimesdo with other cook books.She knows how to engage you andgets you in this mood of enjoying what you are doing in the kitchen, and I think it’s majorly because again, she’s real.

Here is something that she has written in one of her books called “Kitchen” which I think is an essential book in your library, especially for beginners in the kitchen.

{ So, while it may be the case that occasionally I approach cooking with something less than my usual gusto, I nearly always find that getting on with it can make me wonder what I was dreading in the first place, and why. But then, the same applies to so many obligations and undertakings that looms over us in life, outside of the kitchen, too. Fear of disappointments, inadequacy, failure- seems to make fools of us, causing us to forget what we all unfailingly learn from experience : that not doing what frightens us makes us fear it more rather than less. Perhaps some day I’ll write a book called “Feel the Fear and Cook it Anyway”, although to some extend I suspect that this is, indeed, the subliminal message of every book I’ve ever written }

I can keep talking and talking about Nigella, but I will stop here and show you some more of the photos I captured during the event.

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Olivia Ruello, CEO at Business Chicks

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Business Chicks is an organization whichI personally have just recently discovered. They believe that great things happen when women come together to uplift and inspire each other. Business Chicks was created to bring like-minded souls together to share stories and spark inspiration. Their team is a bunch of amazing explorers and thinkers, they are famous for their fabulous events, which give you the opportunity to meet some of the most inspiring personalities from inside and outsidethe community,connect withnew people, and have loads of fun.

I really enjoyed my first experience with them, and Iam definitely looking forward to the next event. To know more about Business Chicks, click here

After this event was finished,I followed Nigella Lawson to David Jones CBD store, she was signing more copies of her book there.I decided to buy another book for my mother (who also admires Nigella)andget itsigned for hertoo. I know, it does sound like an excuse to see Nigella again, doesn’t it? wellit was!

Here she is signing my “mum’s” copy, and my son Malek (big fan) wanted to say hello too.

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