Who I am

My name is Yossra AbouelFadl. I’m 34 years old. I am a pharmacist by profession, a photographer and a home cook by passion. I am also a wife and a mother of two, a 12-year-old girl and a 7-year-old boy.

Where I come from and where I live

I was born in Egypt. I grew up in Egypt and in other countries around the middle east. I got married in 2002 then decided to move to Australia with my husband in 2003. I live now in the southern region of gorgeous Sydney where beautiful water views could be easily taken for granted.

My Inspiration

Nature’s beauty is where my daily inspirations come from. I believe there is beauty in everything surrounding us, but not everyone sees it. Whether it is an imperfectly looking potato or a crystal clear crescent in the sky, you will always find me grabbing my lens and capturing the beauty in the ordinary.

My food philosophy and cooking

I am a wholefood lover. I strive to live the organic life my great grandparents once lived. I know it’s quite impossible but I keep trying.

I am not a vegetarian but I love my veggies. I crave fresh greens every day, and my favorite vegetable is eggplant.

My culture has an enormous influence on my cooking, the ingredients I use and even on how I set my dinner table.

My approach to cooking is focused on creating simple, modern and delicious dishes using mostly wholefood ingredients inspired by my Egyptian background and by my weekly visits to the farmer’s markets.

I believe that the quality of food we eat has a great effect on how we feel. I also am certain that a well balanced wholesome diet full of nutrients and almost free of chemicals and preservatives is the key to healing your body and feeling the best.

Big NO to dieting, counting calories and feeling guilty or miserable after a meal, because eating should be enjoyable. I eat everything in moderation, I cook more at home, I limit my refined sugar intake, I know where my food comes from and I drink plenty of filtered water.

Love your body and nourish it with real food, and I promise you it will love you back.


I am a photographer by passion. Growing up I’ve always been the family photographer. I don’t appear in many group photos, because I would always be the person behind the lens.

I have learned my photography skills pretty much through trial and error. The more I practice, the better I get. I had attended a one-day photography workshop in the past when I first got my DSLR camera, but that was it.

In my photos here I use a DLSR (70D) Canon camera with different lenses, but my favorite one at this stage is the EF lens 50mm 1:1.8

Shooting using natural light has always been my comfort zone. There is just something irresistibly beautiful about this stream of light coming through my kitchen window, and this spot next to the window, which I call ‘my home studio’ is where I shoot my food and share the photos here with you.


I don’t consider myself an expert gardener yet, but I try my best and would love to share what I have learned throughout the years with you, and hopefully inspire you to start planting. I honestly cannot think of anything more rewarding than eating fresh organic produce from your garden, knowing that it’s packed with nutrients and most importantly with your love and hard work.

What is this blog all about?

This blog is about .. well, let me tell you what this blog is NOT about first. It isn’t a lifestyle guide or a cooking manual and for sure not about impressing you with my personal talents. In fact, this blog is as simple as it sounds, a story of my affairs: cooking, photography and gardening.


All content on this space is my own unless otherwise stated. Please feel free to contact me through my contact form if you wish to use any of my photos. Also, I would be happy for you to share any of my recipes or photos on social media provided that you link back to the original post and give the appropriate credit to the original content.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy reading.