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November 11, 2017


City of Kuala Lumpur Back in July, I was able to plan a trip to Malaysia in under 2 weeks. I called my dad one night and suggested we go visit him and mum in Saudia Arabia where they live. First, he asked me if everything was ok and I said: ' Yes dad [...]


July 16, 2015

 It's this time of the year again when we say good bye to the holy month of Ramadan. Every year this month comes and goes in a blink of an eye! Yes we fast all day and yes we sleep less, yes we struggle to keep up with school routines, training schedule, homework etc., but [...]

My Ramadan nights in Sydney

July 12, 2015

  Ramadan has always been a month to look forward to In Egypt where I grew up, Ramadan has its own unique taste, and even though I have been living in Australia for 11 years now, childhood memories of our cultural traditions will never be forgotten. I remember as a kid, the first thing I would ask [...]